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Proconnect Ja operates as a community that bridges the gap between consumers and service providers in any sector. We aim to provide professional help by creating a virtual connection between both parties that is accessible 24/7.

Our Team is a group of sympathetic service providers who makes it our duty to provide a cost effective and less time consuming option for your day to day queries. 

We are the first company in Jamaica to assess each service provider ‘s credibility before confirming their application. This is to help secure our members from fraudulent services.

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Mission Statement

Revolutionize the way business operations are conducted in Jamaica, simultaneously making a positive difference in the lives of all individuals  who interacts with our platform.

Vision Statement


Connecting the Dots Between Jamaica and the World.




Special Features

Our platform offers two features tailored towards Mental Health and Education.
The features are as follows:


This feature provides users with convenient one-click access to meet their mental and emotional needs by connecting them to a diverse range of psychologists and therapists.

In Jamaica, mental health has become a highly sensitive and stigmatized topic

Pro-Connect Ja is dedicated to reshaping this narrative and offering support to those affected. Our Emergency Feature enables individuals to seek the assistance they require during challenging periods in their lives, and it is accessible to anyone who engages with our website.

At Proconnect Ja, our mission is to create a positive impact in people’s lives while also contributing to the progress and development of our nation. We strive to make a difference through our services and commitment to the well-being of others.




This feature offers students the chance to both earn and learn in a modern way.

Students can choose to register as service providers at a discounted rate, providing assistance to other students who require help in subjects they struggle with, specifically through peer-to-peer tutoring.

This opportunity not only provides students with a unique chance to earn income but also exposes them to the concept of working smart rather than just working hard, aligning with the principles of the millennial generation.

We believe that even in accomplishing small tasks, one can still achieve greatness by executing them with excellence. This philosophy is embedded in our planning and operations, ensuring that every aspect of our platform reflects this commitment to quality and innovation.